Come hack under the stars during a 24-hour online hackathon!

What is NightHacks?

NightHacks is an online hackathon for high schoolers organized by students. You can work together or on your own at NightHacks! Lack of experience? It's okay! We run workshops for novice or experienced hackers who want to learn new skills. NightHacks will provide you the tools you need to succeed whether you come alone to meet new people or with a dedicated crew of hackers (there are prizes :D)!

We're grateful for our sponsors and their support for our mission to bring more opportunities to young programmers and to provide them with an environment to connect and share their knowledge and skills.

  • Bring a Device!

    Make sure to have a device!

  • Make Friends

    Everything is better with friends! Whether you're coming alone or with a team, NightHacks is a place where you can make new friends with similar interests! NightHacks is an inclusive space where anyone with any level of skill is welcome.

  • Prizes

    There'll be well-qualified judges seeing everyone's projects. The top projects in each track will receive special prizes for their achievements! There'll also be a popular vote (Democracy!!) where participants vote their favorite projects.


  • 🧚


    If you're new to hackathons or prefer a more relaxed experience, our beginner track is perfect for you! We understand the challenge of competing with experienced coders, so the beginner track will have separate judging. Additionally, we'll provide beginner workshops to support your learning.

  • 🧙


    Looking for a competitive hackathon? Join our advanced track designed for experienced coders and those seeking a challenge. This track is judged separately from the beginner track, allowing you to showcase your skills. Take on the challenge and develop your coding abilities!


Does it cost anything to attend NightHacks?

Nope! NightHacks is completely free, we believe it is important that everyone can attend NightHacks and learn about computer science!

Wait, it's called a hackathon, am I going to be doing illegal hacking?!?!?!

Not at all! The term "hacking" means creating a project with code, hence the term "hackathon"

What is Hack Club?

Hack Club is our main sponsor of this event! It is a non-profit that brings together a community of high schoolers interested in computer science! Learn more here,

How do I choose a track?

On the registration form you can indicate if you are an advanced or beginner hacker, at the event our judges will decide what category the project belongs in.

Meet Our Team

Angelina Nguyen | Outreach Director & Graphic Designer

Vincent Thai | Social Media Manager

Sophia Evans | Web Developer & Outreacher

Aarshe Murli | Finance Team

Collin Vo | Outreach Director & Web Developer

Keira Evans | Finance Team

Yuxin Zeng | Social Media Manager

Nick Irving | Organizer & Judge